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Win-Win Cooperation | SunSpec Alliance China Launch In Partnership With IGEN-Tech

SOLARMAN:2020-05-21 18:05:00

As an exclusive official partner for SunSpec Alliance in China, IGEN-Tech hosted the online meeting in Wuxi, May 21st 2020.

More than 100 excellent professionals from all aspects of PV industry gathered online to attend the meeting. Tom Tansy (Chairman of SunSpec) and Dylan Tansy (Member Services Manager of SunSpec) also joined the meeting.

The theme of this meeting was Network Communication Standard in Distributed Energy Resource, which read IEEE™1547-2018 and IEEE™2030.5-2018.

The meeting gave a brief introduction into Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Market, SunSpec Alliance and SunSpec Certified Interoperability Solutions.

With the improved service architecture, IGEN-Tech will provide certification service with no time difference and monitoring system conforming to SunSpec Certification.

For more details, please feel free to contact sunspec@igen-tech.com


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