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Green Vision&Better Future| SOLARMAN Products Shine at Intersolar Europe 2022

SOLARMAN:2022-05-13 10:50:00

Intersolar Europe 2022 was opened in Munich, Germany from May 11th to 13th. As a world leading digital solution service provider of new energy asset, SOLARMAN products shine at Intersolar Europe 2022.



SOLARMAN new DIN-Rail logger (LD4G-3) is specially designed for medium/small-sized industrial&commercial PV plants. Pair with SOLARMAN platform, investors, O&M providers and end-users can enjoy the effective, convenient and smart service. By collecting the running status and generation status of inverter/weather station/smart meter, LD4G-3 realizes the monitoring and early warning of new energy asset system.


Furthermore, SOLARMAN Module PV Rapid Shutdown (MPS) and SOLARMAN Module PV Optimize (MPO) were officially launched overseas.

SOLARMAN module PV rapid shutdown(MPS) can provide module-level shutdown solution when a fire occurs, which enables that any two nodes voltage of PV array shall not exceed 80V. It ensures the safety of firefighters and O&M personnel.

By controlling the output current and voltage of module, SOLARMAN module PV optimizer (MPO) can reduce the loss of power generation caused by current mismatch in the case of shadow shield, module decay, ash deposition, double-sided power generation and etc., which can be recovered by up to 25%. Paired with SOLARMAN gateway, it realizes data transmission via WiFi/LAN/4G and etc.. Furthermore, remote monitoring cloud platform (SOLARMAN Portal) provides a real-time monitoring of module power generation status.

Adhereing to“Monitor&manage your smart energy for a better world”, SOLARMAN will keep listening attentively to customer demands,continuously pushing boundaries and reinventing ourselves.

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