Device manufacturer
Capable of smart product management and remote problem-solving.
Whole Life Cycle ManagementWith leading R&D capabilities in hardware and well developed device management platform of SOLARMAN Business, we help you to take care of your devices in a more efficient and smart way.
Research & Development
Being compatible with diversified interfaces of hardware and with distinct firmware protocols, we offer tailored R&D services to help you seize market opportunity quickly.
Device Access
We ensure a quick access into platform for all kinds of devices (Inverter, Micro inverter, Water pump, Meter, Battery, Charging pile and etc.)
Device Management
We enable an easy tracking of goods distribution by intelligent device classification and stock management, an efficient device control by flexible authorization management and batch processing capability, and a convenient after-sales service by remote operations.
Statistics & Analysis
Through data statistics and dimensional analysis, we transfer discrete data into valuable information for you.
Solution for Device Manufacturer
Product Introduction
Embedded module, pin-to-pin design, monitors device status in a cost-effective way.
Stick Logger
As an interface between inverters and cloud-based management platform, stick logger acquires and encrypts real-time data for stable and secured transmissions, meanwhile it receives commands from remote operator and enables a fast response by inverters.
SOLARMAN Business is a feature-rich software platform that covers whole life cycle of PV plants, perfectly serving all your requirements.
SOLARMAN Smart is specially designed for end-users, offering an extremely interactive experience with comprehensive functions such as real-time monitoring and control of home appliances, customized infographic displays and power consumption analysis.
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