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IGEN-Tech Step into the Era of Energy IoTs---SNEC (2019)

SOLARMAN:2019-06-06 16:05:00


SNEC (2019) was held in Shanghai, China on June 4, 2019. With the innovative application of IoTs and AI, IGEN-Tech launched SOLARMAN PV monitoring&management platform (Version 3.0), which aimed to build the full life cycle of plant operation management system and AI intelligent O&M products. IGEN-Tech presented a green, fully connected and intelligent energy world for the audiences.

— “IGEN Management” —

IGEN-Tech provides different software solutions for customers to promote their business management, which covers the full life circle of the plant.

Customer Management

1.Establish the normative customer archive, achieves the multi-dimensional customer retrieval function. 

2.Strict customer authority management, different levels of staff have access to different customer segment, ensures the security of customer information.

3.Key customer following and developing contribute to the increase the sales rate. 

4.Check customer-related projects, including project information, contract information, receivables management and invoicing from the customer dimension.

Project Management

Realize the management in the whole process of project, including recording, early warning and tracing.

Reasonable project resource allocation improves enterprise resource usage, lowering the product cost, elevating enterprise project management level. 

Mobile application realizes the management of project execution at anytime and anywhere. 

Information resource sharing offers owners and businesses a more real-time interaction, which guarantees the smooth flow of information channel and reduced communication cost. 

Three steps of preparing beforehand, checking in and summing afterwards assure the project's quality.

O&M Management

O&M providers can implement efficient management and spot problem areas through AI checkup&diagnosis, full screen display, customized work order, and spare parts management. 

Perceivable and predictable problems help to discover huge issue in time.


— “IGEN O&M” —

SOLARMAN PV monitoring&management platform (Version 3.0) achieves the real closed -loop management with the functions of real-time data monitoring, intelligent analysis&diagnosis and risk assessment.

Through AI checkup, curve analysis tool and etc, O&M providers can spot alerting power plants and failure causes at a glance. System supports customized work order template and procedure, which also strings owner, dispatcher and order-taker together. Furthermore, online problem solving meets the owners' satisfaction and makes O&M controllable.

— “IGEN Poverty Alleviation” —

IGEN-Tech has developed various PV poverty alleviation solutions, which are compatible with National PV Poverty Alleviation Monitoring Center. By the end of March, 2019, the data of more than 3000 village-level power plants have been collected, which also have accessed to State Grid.

SOLARMAN PV Poverty Alleviation Information Platform provides excellent solutions for ground-mounted plants, distributed industrial&commercial plants, residential plants and poverty alleviation plants. By the end of December, 2018, the PV assets on SOLARMAN monitoring platform have exceeded 8GW.

SOLARMAN PV Poverty Alleviation Management Platform has covered 18 provinces, such as Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Anhui, Hei Longjiang, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and other provinces. Total assets of poverty alleviation plants have exceeded 1GW.


Advantages of Monitoring Center

—“IGEN Intelligence”—

“Energy IoTs+”Promote Energy Revolution


Comprehensive energy management cloud platform of IGEN-Tech can connect to various types of energy equipment such as PV, wind power, gas power, distributed energy storage, new energy vehicles, charging piles and etc, which meets the requirements of various scenarios.

New Line of Single-phase/Three-phase Meter

In addition to the conventional Din-Rail Logger, Pro Logger and Stick Logger, SOLARMAN in particular introduced Single-phase/Three-phase Meter to you. SOLARMAN smart meter is applied for energy management purpose, and it works to measure and control electricity consumption of apartment renting, household and industrial electricity, charging stations, PV plants, intelligent buildings, chain stores, communication stations and etc,. It features in high reliability, high accuracy, compact size and easy to install, etc.


— “IGEN Lottery” —

Umbrellas, electric fans, mascots of IGEN-Tech, red packets, Disney tickets……

Do these prizes win your heart?



Live atmosphere of Red Packet Rain on June 4, 2019

Prize draw of Disney tickets on June 5, 2019。

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