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SOLARMAN Solution for Battery Remote Management

SOLARMAN:2021-08-19 11:55:00

With the Covid-19 virus sweeping the globe, more and more households are installing residential energy storage systems. According toIHSMarkit, the new installed capacity of globalresidential energy storage has increased significantly in 2020, reaching 3.1GWh in the first three quarters. Furthermore, Germany and USA have made a great contribution to the data, with 850MWh/90000 systems in the first three quarters of 2020 in Germany and 15000 systems in the first quarter of 2020 in USA (risen by 66%compared with the corresponding period last year).

It is estimated that thenewinstalled capacity in 2021 will increase by about 27% compared with 2020.图片1.png

With the outbreak of energy storage system, it has brought huge commercial opportunities forbattery manufacturers and system integrators. Meanwhile, it has exposed certain problems inevitably.

1. With a surge in the number of device shipments,difficultfor shipment control and device flowtrack .

2. Unable to obtain battery real-time running data.

3. Without independent remote control and upgrade, difficult for after-sales service.

4. Battery data needs to be displayed by other equipment.图片2.png

With the collision of vigorous development andpain point of industry, some battery manufacturers have realized the importance of battery management. Two years ago, IGEN-Tech worked with three leading battery manufacturers, providing“Hardware+Software+Data” remote management solution to eliminate the problems in the rapid expansion of business. After one-year service, itis estimated that20% of O&M personnel cost has been reduced, 30% of troubleshooting and repairing time has been shortened, 70% of the timeliness rate of product tracking has been improved.


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