Household Owner
Check plant real-time data at anytime and anywhere
Home Energy ManagementWisely managing energy use has been a high priority when households are on the way to pursue a smart life with sustainable energy, improved efficiency and reduced bills.
By applying advanced technologies of IoTs (Internet of Things) and wireless communication and etc., SOLARMAN products are able to connect a variety of devices in your home, making your daily operations in a more convenient, comfortable and environmentally friendly manner.
Our Goals
Precisely reporting real-time data of your power generation and energy consumption;
Visualizing your energy usage pattern and offering intelligent suggestions as required;
Enabling solar panels/batteries to be used more effectively;
Remotely switching "ON/OFF" status of your home appliances.
Solution for Household Owner
Product Introduction
Stick Logger
As an interface between inverters and cloud-based management platform, stick logger acquires and encrypts real-time data for stable and secured transmissions, meanwhile it receives commands from remote operator and enables a fast response by inverters.
By collecting real-time data from inverters, meters and other electric devices, DIN-Rail logger runs a long-term and efficient monitoring of device status and transmits the information to cloud-based platform.
Smart Meter
For energy management, three-phase meter measures and controls electricity consumption of apartment, household, factory, charging station, PV plant, base stations and etc. It’s highly reliable and accurate, with compact size and easy to install.
SOLARMAN Smart is specially designed for end-users, offering an extremely interactive experience with comprehensive functions such as real-time monitoring and control of home appliances, customized infographic displays and power consumption analysis.
SOLARMAN Business is a feature-rich software platform that covers whole life cycle of PV plants, perfectly serving all your requirements.
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