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Inverter Logger
GPRS / WiFi / Ethernet

By collecting operating status and power generation of inverter, inverter logger can run a long-term and efficient monitoring of PV system. 

Logger can connect to multiple inverters via RS485/422 interface, which enables to collect all the data of PV system from the inverter. Meanwhile, remote monitoring cloud platform (SOLARMAN Portal) provides powerful data support for the logger. Logger sends the data to the monitoring platform via WiFi/Ethernet/GPRS. The real-time status and historical data can be displayed with graphs, enabling intuitive and clear understanding of PV system. Furthermore, customized alerts can notify users of any malfunction or defect immediately via SMS and E-mail, which realizes the management of PV system at anytime and anywhere, also increases work efficiency and reduces management cost significantly. 



  • Ensure data integrity; Data Resuming

  • Remote upgrade and system debugging, easy for O&M; Remote Upgrade

  • Real-time alerts with timely notification, ensuring fast troubleshoot; Alert Notification

  • Industrial-level SIM chip integrated for stable operation and high performance(Inverter Logger GPRS); Stable Performance

  • Wide network coverage around the world with stable signal and quick transmission speed; Global Roaming

  • 100M Ethernet interface, offering high speed transmission via cable network(Inverter Logger WiFi);

  • Compatible with all types of inverters;

  • Timely alert report, helping users understand risks and problems about their plants in time;

  • Review data via APP/Platform at anytime and anywhere.

Product ModelLIG-1LIW-1
General ParametersNo. of ConnectionsBasic Version: 1
Advanced Version: 1-4
*For inverters with RS232 interface, logger only supports basic version.
Basic Version: 1
Advanced Version: 1-4
*For inverters with RS232 interface, logger can only connect to single inverter.
Inverter Communication InterfaceOne-way RS485/422/232(Optional)
Remote Communication InterfaceGSMWiFi(802.11b/g/n)/Ethernet
Serial Communication Rate1200-57600bps(Configurable)1200-19200bps(Configurable)
Working Frequency850/900/1800/1900MHz2.4GHz
Communication Range400m (Open Space)
Transmitting Power2W(Max.)/1W(Min.)802.11b/g/n:+20dBm/+18dBm/15dBm(Max.)
Data Collection IntervalDefault: 5 mins (1-15 mins Configurable)
Parameter SettingSerial Port AT InstructionWeb Server/Serial Port AT Instruction
Data AccessRS485/422, Remote ServerSerial Port/WiFi Point to Point/Remote Server
StatusLED x4
Electrical ParametersInput VoltageDC 5V(+/-5%)DC 5V
Static Power Consumption<2W<1.6W
Max. Instantaneous Power Consumption3W<2.5W
Environmental ParametersWorking Temperature—25℃~+65℃—10℃~+65℃
Working Humidity10-90% (No Condensation)
Storage Temperature—25℃~+65℃—10℃~+65℃
Storage Humidity<40%
Protection ClassIP21
Physical ParametersDimension(L*W*H)110mm*80mm*24mm110mm*80mm*26mm
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