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Pro Logger

SOLARMAN pro logger is applicable to various types of devices, including inverter, combiner box, weather station, meter and etc,. It is specially designed for industrial&commercial scenarios, which can be mounted both on DIN-rail and the wall.

Featuring in customization, it perfectly adapts to different kinds of distributed PV projects. Moreover, it furnishes plant developers, installers, O&M service providers with sophisticated tools to increase work efficiency and reduce management cost.

  • Multiple-way RS485, RS232, RS422, CAN interface; Supports P1 meter; Accommodate hundreds of devices;
  • Dual SIM cards, supporting grid-tied project that requires private network power supply;
  • Support magnetic latching relay external control (AC 250V/16A);
  • Support static page configuration or upgrade, local/remote multi-mode monitoring;
  • 8GB TF card (Standard), 20-year storage; Data in SOLARMAN platform will be saved permanently;
  • Support importing data and fault history via USB;
  • Multiple-way digital/analog input interface; Support grid dispatching, sensor and other scenarios;
  • Embedded ultra-capacitor supports power-off reminder; Simplify plant O&M significantly;
  • Through SOLARMAN Business, users can achieve an intelligent plant management.

Product Model LP-2
Wireless Parameters Remote Communication 1 4G
Remote Communication 2 4G
Remote Communication 3 LAN
Antenna Sucker Antenna
Local Configuration WiFi (Embedded Antenna)
Hardware Parameters Input Voltage DC 15V~60V
Working Power <10W
Output Voltage DC 12V 500mA
Indicator Light LED x4
Memory 128MByte NAND FLASH
8GB TF Card (Optional)
Analog / Digital Input Analog Input x4 / Digital Input x6
Digital Output AC 16A 250V Magnetic Latching Relay Output x2
S0 in 2
RS485 x4
RS232 x1
CAN x1
P1 Meter x1
Internal Clock
Power-off Reminder
Working Temperature -20℃ ~ +60℃
Relative Humidity 5%-95% (No Condensation)
Dimension 240*118*49mm
IP Grade IP20
Installation Method 35mm Din-Rail Mount
Software Parameters No. of Connections 1-128
Data Acquisition Interval Default: 5 mins (1-15 mins Configurable) 
User Configuration AT+Instruction Set, Remote Server 
Firmware Upgrade Remote Server/ Local
Real-time Control
Data Resuming
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