Solarman Home version – Stronger, More Professional, Better

SOLARMAN Home Web from SolarMan will give users a whole new experience with solid account system,
comprehensive plant data and elegant page.

See Your Meter

We will show customers plant data with the help of logger and we provide multiple modules for power generation, utility, grid, storage, profit, etc. Our app is compatible with various PV devices, displaying the operation condition of plant from multi-dimension.

PCalculate Roof Profit

Draw rectangular roof, get capacity recommendation, calculate power generation and return on investment rate based on capacity,
local meteorological data and electricity price and allowance.

Real-time Return on Investment Update

Adjust station parameter at large: on-grid type, financial load, local electricity price and allowance,
real-time return on investment calculation, etc.

Share Investment + Environment Protection Ideas

You can share your plant on social media by H5, let your friends check your emission-reduction and achievements

Discover Surrounding Roofs

We will show you installed plants in your city. You can talk to people with similar thoughts, or even find reliable EPC