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150000+ sites monitored
1000000+ users worldwide

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  • Worldwide plant & device monitoring
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Hardware Product Introduction

Long-term and effective monitoring on PV system can detect system failure in time, greatly increases the return on investment.
As professional PV monitoring products manufacturer and service provider, SOLARMAN is committed to providing the excellent and cost-effective software and hardware products for PV monitoring system.

  • Data logger
  • Data collection card
  • Data collection stick
  • Meteo station

Data logger

Data loggers performs long-term and effective monitoring on PV system by collecting and recording operation status and power generation efficiency of inverter. It uploads data to monitoring platform through mobile network or WiFi, users can check data anytime, anywhere with SOLARMAN online monitoring platform.

It requires no configuration or complicated operation, works immediately when powered. With stable mobile network as well as remote configuration and upgrade functions, it greatly lowers onsite O&M work, monitoring cost and ensures the effective & stable operation of system.

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Data collection card

SOLARMAN embedded module logger can be easily integrated into inverter, no other external devices needed. It obtains accurate real-time data from each inverter and uploads them to platform through WiFi/Ethernet/mobile network, users can check anytime anywhere. It greatly lowers the monitoring cost and ensures the effective & stable operation of system at the same time.

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Data collection stick

Data collection stick

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Meteo station

Meteo station is specially designed for PV systems to provide thorough environment monitoring solutions, including solar radiation, atmospheric temperature, wind direction, wind speed, module temperature, etc. It is compatible with SOLARMAN loggers, and uploads meteorological data to management platform through Ethernet/WiFi/GPRS, making it convenient for users to learn about surrounding weather condition anytime, anywhere.

Accurate real-time data, durable products and solid online platform can help customer assess the power generating efficiency of PV system more efficiently.

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